This off-season I picked up a Vortex Razor spotting scope. I could write pages on why I love this scope but I will save that for another post. It simply is awesome. So good, that I am thinking of bringing it on my backcountry elk/deer hunts this fall. The scope and the heavier ball head for my tripod (I use the Vortex High Country with a Manfrotto pistol grip head) add an additional 3lbs over the basic highcountry tripod and Minox MD62 combo I have. I have usually left the spotter home while hunting because I could never justify the weight - the images just didn't get me excited to carry extra pounds. However, the Razor has me dreaming of glassing in Razor HD splendor on opening morning 7 miles in the backcountry.

Am I crazy to pack in a 85mm scope or is this a pretty common practice? If so any packing tips on where to put it in my pack or just throw it in? I also have a neoprene scope cover for it to aid in protection and the other thing I like about Vortex is with their warranty I have no fear about actually using it and using it hard for it's intended purpose.

I also carry a pair of 10x42 Leica Ultavids HD if that matters in any way.

Looking forward to your thoughts.