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Thread: ATVs ???

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    TikkaMike, Is your only purpose making posts on this site is to tick people off. Well your doing a fine job. You realize the only reason we have these rules is because of people just like you. People who think since it is public land they should be able to do with it what they want. Public land is for all to enjoy and take care of. Not to tear up and treat like crap.Could you just do us all a favor and stop posting on this site unless you have some encouragement or some tips. I'm sure you are not a jerk in real life, but you are coming across as one on this site.

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    TM speak for yourself when you say everyone has done it....unless your a multi-personality disorder type person...then speak away.

    I HAVE let a deer walk when it was too dark to shoot and not being willing to compromise. And will continue to do so.
    I DO get out of my vehicle to make a shot. (I bow hunt though so haha...thats a given. )
    I DO NOT shoot off a road, or over a lake.
    I DO NOT use electronics on my optics or bow.
    I DO TAG every animal I shoot, (except coyotes, as its not required here)
    You see..just because you choose to make choices that make you less than ethical in your hunting, ie poaching, dont assume everyone does it.
    You know the saying about assuming? If you havent heard this one, you will get a kick out of it...
    You make an ASS out of U and ME.... lol I love that saying! So lets not lump us all into a ball of poachers? Sound like a plan?

    Now when the day comes we cannot buy food, and zombies run amuck...there will not be laws to say how to and where to hunt....until that days comes...we should do our part to not be as many describe us as......."ELK BLASTERS" Try reading some of the pro-wolf sites...they describe us all like you just did...kind of pissed me off to see you actually say it here.

    But to each their own..guess I can get off my soap box now...anyone want it next?
    I hunt because......

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    I am sure we have all seen people like TM. They are the ones who are always pushing the envelope, living and acting on the ragged edge of what is acceptable to other people. Driving they are the ones always the maximum speed limit or faster(regardless of road conditions), cutting in line when others are waiting and always feeling that rules are for others...not them.The sad thing is that this person is a hunter, someone who participates in something I love and have done for 60 years. The example he sets is one that gives anyone who dislikes what we do, the ammuniton to lump us all together and tell all the non hunters ....Here is what they all are, what you see is what you get. I just hope that someday when TM gets a little older (and wiser) he will see how is actions are unacceptable to our fraternity of hunting folks. I am finished with my "rant" and getting ready for my Elk hunt in 2 weeks.
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