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    3rd season elevation

    I drew a GMU 75/751 3rd season tag this year and am trying to narrow down what elevation/habitat to hunt. I have several areas in mind ranging from 8500-9500' drainages with Aspen and Pine mixes, 7000'-8000' finger ridges with Aspen and PJ, and lower elevation Oak and PJ terrain. Where do think I would find the mature bucks 5-13 November. Any and all ideas and PM's welcome.

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    I have hunted that area in the past and it all depends on the weather. If you will be hunting that late and at that elevation you usually alot of snow. Last year that area got a couple feet no Nov 1, 2010. So if you get weather you will need to hunt lower down to find the deer. It will also be COLD so dress warm.

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    I'll second what was already, weather, weather! There is no real way to predict what will happen. I live 50 miles west of Durango and do keep up with what the weather is doing. Plan for lots of snow and if it doesn't happen, your still covered. With snow, your access will be a lot more difficult. The USFS can (and will) close roads. I didn't apply for a single Colorado tag this year (only Pf Pts). Off to Wyoming in less than a month for a wilderness packin elk hunt. If you send me a PM in late October I can probably give you an update.
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