I was able to make a scouting trip to northern New Mexico recently. The forest was dry and the waterholes all had game track around them. I found plenty of elk and a few bear but mule deer were scarce. I didnot find a shooter deer. Hopefully that will change later as the deer appeared to be higher than where I scouted. I found some really good 5x5 bulls, big bodies and large racks, just didnot find a 6x6. I will not be hunting elk I just enjoy being around them. I didnot see a bear but did find 5 different bear, three of which I have seen in the past. One is a large black boar that is causing some trouble but I found him away from people, only missed seeing him by an hour acording to another scouter. A sow with a last year cub was around and the leggey cub is into everything, another was a color phased bear that I don't know anything else about, I know that bear is not large. The other two were just tracks around water, just average size. I will be back to NM the 16th of next month with license and weapon.
One morning the low was 39 degrees F.