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    Do you pack anything for unplanned overnight stays when day hunting?

    I was curious what others carried, if anything, to stay an unplanned night out while hunting the mountains. In addition to my regular hunting gear/spare clothes I've been packing a compression sack with these items in my daypack when I hunt the mountains. The sack & kit weighs 3lbs 7oz all together.

    It contains:
    -an Adventure medical heatsheets emergency bivy
    -GI issue poncho/tarp
    -esbit stove & fuel
    -snow peak mug with tea, oatmeal, and a dried rice meal
    -survival kit (lighter, firesteel, wetfire cubes, 50ft paracord, frontier water filter straw, water purifying tablets, nylon -catfishing cord, blank CD for signalling)
    -first aid kit (vetwrap, athletic tape, quick clot, gauze pads, neosporin, chapstick, sunscreen, immodium, aleve)
    -dry heavy socks

    I usually never open this sack on hunts unless I'm getting cordage out for something or have a headache, but I keep carrying it anyway. I am especially curious what others pack for shelter. I'd like to upgrade mine to something like the Kifaru paratarp, or a contrail tarptent. I've also looked at the better tarps with multiple grommets or tie loops. The poncho I've been packing only has grommets on the corners so it's tough to pitch real tight. It's cheap and weighs under 10oz, but I think I could find something better.

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