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    Well I finally got an first! It was with my Weatherby .257 rifle (first time rifle hunting antelope), didn't end up connecting with my bow this year, but it was good to finally get one under my belt! We got some great footage of it too and I am working on getting it edited so I can share with you guys!

    We had saw a lot of nice bucks on public land (scouted/archery hunted this area about 5 days over the past 2 months), even a few great ones that we had spotted for the 3rd or 4th occasion, but it just got flooded with hunters the day before the opener! I was able to find a piece of land that no one seemed to be scouting and spotted 4-5 fair bucks (2 of which looked like they were going to square off). So I came back there the next morning thinking that this would be my best chance to not compete with 100's of hunters and spotted this one at 1000 yards at first light. My brother-in-law got in a drainage and stalked to within 340 yards and it seemed that it was time to take the shot as I was losing elevation on him as he was getting lower towards a water hole. When I was settling the crosshairs he finally did get too low and I had to move. I was able to reposition on him at 275 yards. He was walking right at me (towards a water hole between us) so I had to wait until he turned broadside. When he finally did, I squeezed off the shot and he went right down! What a great feeling! I have shot a lot of deer over the past 13 years but shooting my first antelope was like shooting my first deer 13 years ago....awesome!

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    Good job, congrats.



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