Me and a couple friends went out this weekend to sight in my new tc omega. I got the scope mounted and bore sighted at our local sportsmans warehouse. I bought those platinum with black plastic powerbelts in a 270 grain. Started out with those and 2 of the triple 7 50 grain pellets. Could not get a group out of them to save our lives. Shot the whole pack of those(20) and then started on a new pack of the copper with green plastic powerbelts in a 245 grain. Shot all those(20) and nothing. By this time we were tired and didn't know what to think, i was already thinking that the scope wasn't good. We finally zeroed out the scope and threw a field bore sight more less just by eye and started shooting the barnes tmz sabots in a 250 grain with the 100 grains of triple 7. Within 5 shots at 100 yds we had it shooting 1 inch groups. I always liked the powerbelts but for some reason this muzzleloader doesn't. I still have to shoot out of it some more with the barnes to feel more confident in it being that my shoulder looked like it got ran over shooting over 40 rounds with it. Just a heads up for some of you interested in these loads. Take your time and try different loads or you could go crazy! I know we did. Once i can get out there again to shoot it some more i will let you all know what i discovered. The other thing i found out is not to use the (bore butter) or other lubricants until you are going to store the muzzleloader for a while. I was using it after every cleaning at first and it would shoot the first round off the mark but then the second shot was right on. Just keep it clean and lube after your done shooting.