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I have tried the tablet stove thing, and it is kind of a bugger. Boil times are much longer, and windy conditions are tough with them. I saved some weight going for the standard Jetboil to the Jetboil SOL ti. It is pretty darn light, everything included. Mine scales out at less than ten ounces, canister included. I save a lot of weight but just taking one full Nalgene of water and Steripen treating as I go. This, of course, depends on the availability of water to sterilize.
I saw the tablet idea in South Cox's EBJ, backcountry. The weight caught my eye but the boil time did not sound very good nor did his comment kind of hard to start. 14 minutes average time to boil in looking up the specs on it. It would be interesting to compare water boiled per 100g fuel but I'm not sure how to calculate it. One could cut out the stove entirely and save weight using wood fires. That is if open fires are allowed. Some of the wilderness areas I go into don't allow them unless the fire is a self contained stove.

I boil water and use my stove only for my heated meals but I'm sticking to my Jetboil SOL ti for now too. Saving weight always is a good idea though and this is a good thread. Thanks everyone for the ideas.