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My knees hurt just reading those weights. I did 7 days at 38# last week of bow season last year and had extra layers and plenty of food that included my bow, binos, and rangefinder. If you plan right and take notes on each time you go out, no matter the game, you can shave weight and save your back and knees. I usually lay everything out then scrutinize every item to save weight, because ounces add up to pounds. Big savers for me include 3# off my pack by "trimming off" unneeded buckles, straps, and compartments, down sleeping bag, titanium pot, and for week long trips just tent fly and poles. Lots of resources in the ultralight backpacking world that can easily be integrated into DIY hunting. Hope to break 35# next year.
Elk Hunter please help.... I am all ears. My note system would blow your mind. I pack by an excel spreadsheet, over the years I have weighed out everything. i could "pack" my bag right now in 20 mins and tell you the exact oz. But I can't shave the weight, I bet I could drop maybe 2-3 lbs in luxury items but 17 lbs boy I am ears.... Here is a list of my big ticket items that quickly come out to 29.27 lbs....

Binos 34 ozs. Swaro, I've thought about getting lightweight less quality for pack trips
Tent 64.37 ozs.
Pack 77.5 ozs
Big Agnes Sleeping bag 45.89 ozs.
Thermarest 25.93
Rifle with scope and loaded 111.09
Tripod 33.51
Spotter 52.03... I know this is my monster. Another Swaro and just having a hard time compromising the quality.
Water I pack in with 24 ozs.

So there she is... 29.27 lbs with just a few things. PLEASE HELP!!!!!