I love the Badlands Superday: It has a ton of pockets, super durable, it is compatible with a camelbak, has plenty of space for gear 1950 cu. inches, its well thought out, and its very comfortable. Love this pack and its pretty affordable ($180). If your are a minimalist backpacker you can even go backpacking in it. Incredible pack. Some people complain about bad zippers on these packs but I've had no problems and I think you'd have to really abuse these zippers to make them brake. Incredible pack to say the least.

I like the Eberlestock X2 for its toughness, large internal space somewhere around 1900 cu. inches, special spotting scope and tripod pockets, and it only costs $150. It is well organized and designed. It's a great pack and only second to the Badlands Superday.

What do u guys think?