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    Leveller, great story and great Bear! The kid I took is extremely happy with his bear. His bear measured 5' 7" and I am guessing he weighed about 175. We saw a bunch of Bear this year and most were about the size of his with most being a little smaller and one being bigger. He hunted hard for almost 3 years to kill this bear. A true trophy for him, in my opinion.

    Me personally, I could give two craps what anyone else believes to be 'trophy' status. I agree 100 percent with the posts above regarding 'a trophy is in the eye of the beholder'. A trophy to me is not about the size of the horns or the size of the skull. Sure it is nice to get big horns now and again, but the story of the hunt gets me all jacked up as well!!!!

    I google the definition of 'trophy' and this is what I got................. kinda interesting!

    tro·phy (trf)
    n. pl. tro·phies
    a. A prize or memento, such as a cup or plaque, received as a symbol of victory, especially in sports.
    b. A specimen or part, such as a lion's head, preserved as a token of a successful hunt.
    c. A memento, as of one's personal achievements.
    d. The spoils of war, dedicated in classical antiquity with an inscription to a deity and set up as a temporary monument on or near a battlefield, placed in an existing temple, or housed in a permanent, new structure.

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