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    Elk taking over?

    I've done quite a lot of scouting this year in the unit that I got an archery deer tag, and I've never hunted there before but I keep hearing how many deer there used to be a few years ago. Now days, you and go up there and be lucky to see one average buck, but you will see like 20 nice bulls. So my question is: Do you guys think that the elk are slowly taking over a lot of the units that used to be mostly deer? This is great for all the big time elk hunters because there will be more tags, but I'm mainly a muley guy and it kinda sucks for me lol... Have any of you other guys noticed the elk "taking over" in other units as well? I personally think that NV needs to increase their elk tags by a ton.

    Here is a picture and a video of some elk I found during a scouting trip. Just goes to show how many bulls there are. Ridiculous.
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