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    I recommend Mike Eastmans' book -- Elk Hunting the West. It has a complete section with general descriptions of typical characteristics to look for in the different class bulls. Plus it has great pictures showing the differences as well. I was fortunate to shoot a 393 bull a few years ago and it was really fun to read back through his book after that hunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 307Wapiti View Post
    That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for. I would really be interested in what he's assuming for spread and mass measurements as well
    I screwed up my example because I only used one side. You have to use both sides but hope you get the idea. As far as his spread and mass I don't know what 18" points and a 50" beams needs for the mass and spread to be a 336". But whatever it is he is really accurate with this method.

    I personally always look at a bull above the 4th point first. If it is a quick glance and his tops are good he should have good bottoms. Not always of course but it all depends on the time you have to look at them.



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