Hey guys - I will be going on my first spike out mule deer hunt this fall. We are playing on going 4 nights.

The real question is, i am having a heck of a time figuring out which pants will fit the bill. I expect the temps to be anywhere from 15 to 40 degrees and a decent chance of snow. Going to be doing a lot of hiking and packing camp in deep and tend to not need much for cover on the lower half of my body.

The obvious first choice would be the sitka moutain or timberline pant but i was hoping i could one of the russell APXG2pants to do the same. Could the L3 or L4 pant do the same, and is the L4 too hot? Has anyone had luck using hiking or climbing non-camo pants that have a good synthetic blend?

Thanks- Eastmans forums have ton of valuable information from guys that have done it, not just read about it.