I am going to buy a left over Muley tag for Region Y, and possibly a left over antlerless elk tag for area 38 if I have enough funds left before heading out to the Big Horns for the Archery opener. The main objective for this trip, is going to be to scout for the archery elk tag that I should draw next year in unit 38, and to scout for the unit 1 moose tag that I will hopefully draw in 3-4 years. I have never been out to the Big Horns to hunt, and have never been on a DIY out of state hunt except for three antelope hunts on private land near Gillette. I would like to know what to expect as far as hunting pressure, numbers of animals, quality of animals, camp sites, and where is the best place to pick up ice, food, and supplies before setting up camp. I will be making this trip on my own, and I have never been north of Gillette so I am very anxious to see what the Big Horns look like. My main question is where I should set up camp at. I have heard of the Black Bear Camp ground near Burgess Junction, but I would prefer something a little more remote. Is it legal to set up camp anywhere on National Forest Land? I appoligize if this is a very ignorant question, but like I mentioned ealier this is my first DIY hunt on public ground. I appreciate any words of advice, and look forward to pointing my truck west and spending two weeks scouting and hunting in early September.