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Well bro, guess I could rub it in and say something like the last guy. Namely an over the counter moose hunt up here for us old folks doesn't cost a cent and whilst you're looking for that nice bull, you can also drop black bear, caribou, wolf, griz, and any number of other small game such as ptarmigan, grouse, etc. Course you do have to pay $25 for a griz tag, and you do have to be 60, and ya have to be a one year resident. Other than that, never a dime to hunt, fish, or trap. Can't beat that with a large stick. See you flatlanders up here someday...???
First of all, I don't consider myself a flatlander. Second of all, I'm only 23 and have 10 points in sheep and moose. I definitely have the itch to hunt them both, (especially sheep) but I'm willing to wait for both my Wyoming trophies. If I play my cards right, I should have a shot opportunity on a decent black bear every year. I'm sure Alaska is amazing but I will never move out of Wyo.