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  1. Was not able to send a PM back because it says your inbox is full.

    This year I drew a bull only tag in 39. So most of the photos I took where in area 39 and a few in 38 by the little horn road where we where camped.
    I did see about 30 head on Bald mountain though. Always a fun spot to stop and see elk. Seems to be a lot of elk up there this year. I know there are bigger bulls around even though we did not see any this time. We will be hunting in area 40 for mule deer during archery. Last year we found most of the elk on horse masa. But my wife did shoot hers off of Bear masa behind bald mountain. Hunt mountain is also a good spot to see lots of elk and some good sized Mulies. He will most likely be camped in Bald Mountain camp ground throughout the archery and rifle season. stop by if you see us. or need help packing. My wifes sister is training her horses to pack so that should be nice. She lives in Lovell.
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