View Full Version : General Elk Areas

07-20-2011, 03:52 PM
Well the long anticipated special quota elk draw turn out to be a dud for this guy...So this year I will be hunting with a general combo tag. So I'm out and about gathering info.

Thinking about heading over to the Gravelly/Snowcrest ranges toward the end of September bow hunting, in hopes of traffic dying down..
I know there is a large amount of area to roam and they have tightened up off road travel. I also know they have been in the news last year with bear problems. I don't know if this has cut down on the number of hunters?

Being from MN, I am not to concerned about wolves(have thousands of them here) and black bears. Did some bow hunting north f Yellowstone(back country backpack) last year. So, I am over my fear of grizzlies, but still very cautious.

Any elk updates on the area would be appreciated. Not looking for secret spots. Just if this area has good potential and what I am expected to run into. I believe this forum is open to members only...If not, feel free to PM..I have also done some hunting in eastern MT for muleys and little snowies for elk. So I would be willing to trade info.