View Full Version : Clothing on a budget

07-19-2011, 09:06 AM
Wow have the clothing options for a hunter changed over the years. I am old enough to remember trips to the surplus store to buy used miltary camo over old fashioned long johns. Anyway, I am looking to upgrade a little this year. I have been looking at First Lite Merino Wool and Sitka systems. I would like to hear your thoughts on these products as far as weight and how they fit. I hunt both big game and Chukar in weather from 80 degrees to zero. I currently use Cabelas MT50 gear as an outer layer in wind, rain and snow and it has worked great and stood up to abuse, etc. Thanks

07-19-2011, 10:32 AM
I LOVE Sitka gear. To me, it's seems very light weight but yet very warm. I don't like to be all bulky feeling when I am hunting and the Sitka gear seems to be perfect. Check out camofire.com a lot of times they have merino wool and Sitka gear for way cheap.

07-19-2011, 08:45 PM
One of the guys at camofire.com has come out with a new camo called core4element. Thier website has just come out. I had the opportunity this weekend to check this stuff out, and I am impressed. Like everything else this stuff is kind of spendy. If you check camofire.com they have some on sale every once in a while. I myself am kind of looking at the first lite clothing just because I sweat a lot and merino wool would benefit me a lot.