View Full Version : Anyone tried new Eberlestock Gunrunner yet?

07-14-2011, 05:30 PM
This looks like my ideal daypack. I've been asking eberlestock to make a light 1400cu pack for a couple years, and this is darn close to it. 1800cu and 3 1/2lbs. Just wondered if there were any reviews out yet.


08-04-2011, 06:03 PM
Looks pretty slick! I'm sure it's an excellent daypack; seems like a scaled down J34. I would think about getting it if it had a place to put a spotting scope. But if it did, it probably wouldn't be as light as it is.

08-13-2011, 03:14 PM
I ended up buying one. I like the pack but it's not perfect. The hip belt fits me with a 38" waist but it has to be adjusted all the way out and may not be real comfortable with lots of layers on. I have plans to extend it for cold weather hunts. The biggest drawback I see though, is that the material inside the scabbard is really noisy when the scabbard is empty. The pack has a single horizontal compression strap in the center and it doesn't keep the sides of the top opening of the scabbard from rubbing together and making noise. I added a second compression strap at the top of the pack and it helped considerably. If I had time though, I'd still stick a glove or something inside the scabbard when I pulled the rifle out. Either way the pack has to be removed and the strap tightened down to keep it quiet when the rifle is drawn for a stalk. On the plus side the pack is comfortable, really light, and narrow enough to make packing a rifle on a sling when desired easy. It also lets lots of air get to your back to keep it cool. I have been taking it on conditioning hikes with about 10lbs of gear, 3lbs of water, and a 8.5lb rifle and it packs that load fine.

It is somewhat like a much lighter built J34, I have the J34 also and love it. The only major advantage for me with this pack is that it's narrow which makes it cooler and more comfortable to carry a slung rifle with when not using the scabbard. It's lighter, but the J34 is so comfortable I don't notice the weight difference to much. I think I will use the gunrunner for most dayhunts when I don't plan to be packing meat out the first trip. Some places it's worth using horses to get the meat out. With both these packs and my meat hauling frame I should be pretty well set for any type of hunt I go on.