View Full Version : New Mexico unit 10

06-16-2011, 07:21 AM
Anybody have any information on unit 10 in New MExico I drew the archery elk tag for Sept 1 though the 22nd.
MY delima is i also drew the Bookclffs in Utah for the roadless archery hunt Aug 20 though Sept 16th. I am almost guaranteed to draw this tag again next year if i turn it back in and in New Mexico We dont get that option...
I know hunters that have been in the Bookcliffs both with great success. One archer and one muzzle loader.
THe difference was the guy hunting muzzle loader literally had bulls running over top of him while the archer was having a fair bit of trouble locating bulls.... So I am considering turning tag back in and hunting the during the muzzle load season ( with My bow) next year or year after..... and going down to unit 10 or both and just hunting my %&$*( off, so lets hear it.....