View Full Version : Leupold Kenai or Ventana anyone?

05-16-2011, 08:21 AM
I've been looking at the Ventana 20-60X80 angled scope for awhile and have been thinking of buying it as it seems like a great scope for the money though now I've been thinking on paying the extra for the Kenai, any of you used either of these scopes? Let me know what you think of them, thanks!

Bitterroot Bulls
05-16-2011, 08:37 AM
I haven't seen the Ventana, but I have looked through a Kenai a few times. I thought it was a pretty nice scope. I like that it includes two eyepieces. I thought it was a little annoying that they put sections of the housing over the helical focus band, but otherwise a nice spotter, and pretty compact for its magnification and objective size.

05-16-2011, 11:50 AM
Thanks man, It looks like a killer scope but I cant find anyone up here in the flathead that carries the Kenai so I'd be buying it blind so Im hoping to get some feedback, thanks again!

Bitterroot Bulls
05-16-2011, 12:14 PM
No problem. Bob Wards has them, if you make it to Missoula.

05-17-2011, 07:10 AM
Thanks again man I may have to cruise down there this weekend to check one out!