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11-21-2013, 08:24 PM
Hello everyone I am new to this Forum looking at info for greys river area my buddy has me talked in to going with him next year if we draw we each have 5 points never been to Wyoming been to Colorado a few times he has put in a lot of research for this spot we plan on going hiking in and hunting high country just wondering if area worth using points have had a couple people say no thanks for any info,

11-21-2013, 09:42 PM
Greys River is a big area, can you be more specific on where you're thinking of going in? 5 points will get a Region G tag easy. Big bucks in there for sure but not behind every tree.

11-26-2013, 09:39 AM
I agree with mattdeere. The Grey's River county can be very rough but it does hold big bucks every year. Literally every single drainage in that river system has had a big deer killed in it at one time or another. It should only take about three points to draw the tag, so you will be burning a few points to hunt there but if you are tough, and have the time to spend in there you can have a chance a big buck if you hunt it right. The resident pressure is pretty rough in there, and you will see plenty of other hunters. I would put your chances of seeing a big buck at about 50/50 and your chances of killer one at about 25%. If the winter turns off mild and the spring is wet but not cold the deer in there should do better than they have in the last ten years next fall. The country is in a very good shape feed wise and last fall saw some very good bucks taken in there. I think the deer numbers are ticking back up a bit over there so that is some good news. Good luck in the draw and on your hunt if you choose to hunt there. Let us know how you do. -Guy

11-26-2013, 03:29 PM

If you've never been in the Grey's River region, you might want to think about hiring a guide. The rugged part isn't that bad if you're used to high elevation, rugged hunts. It's getting a huge muley out and back to your vehicle that might cause you to use words that you never knew were in your vocabulary.

I can be stubborn. It took me two backpacking trips way back into that region before I was able to confirm what I knew before I began my first Grey's River attempt: I shoulda hired a guide.

One more small detail: keep an eye out for bull moose. I stood motionless for a long time while one stared me down, and he wasn't in a socializin' mood. Thank God he took his cow and meandered to wherever bull moose want to meander. If he had other ideas, I'd still be up there somewhere. For huge animals, they are sneaky. I didn't hear 'em comin', & my heart was poundin' too loudly to hear 'em goin'!

Best of luck.

11-27-2013, 09:24 AM
thanks for the info guys we are looking around the stewarts peak area my buddy has done lots of research were he wants to go cant afford to hire a guide plus not really my thing like to do it on my own living in Northern california hunting blacktails we hunt alot of rugged wilderness areas not affraid of that really would like to put in for a late season limited tag but not sure of areas? Looked at a few in the magazine in the mrs section but not sure on how much public vs private land dont want to get a tag and have only a small section of land to hunt thanks