View Full Version : Sooooo any squachers in these thar woods?

11-14-2013, 08:47 AM
Just was curious how many here were believers, fence posters, or mildly amused bystanders. I love the show.....so damn fake, and every time the BFRO get close to almost finding something, they pack it up and leave! Lol.

It amazes me how much "scientific" knowledge exists about a mythical beast. Its like scientist trying to convince me about behavioral patterns of the dinosaurs.

I personally have never seen one, but thats not enough evidence to say they do not exist....just sayin...haven't seen one. How many of you notice, every sound in the woods in the show is a squatch! Hahaha

If you want to really have some amusement, visit the BFRO website, read about why no remains have been found, and why hunters haven't shot one. Being a hunter....I was surprised at how much i misunderstood us! Haha.

I personally would shoot the damn thing and drag it to the fish and game office.....imagine the road side check point on that day! " So ya get anything?" ....... "Oh yeah check this out"..... :o. Guess that makes me a squatch poacher.....hahahah

11-14-2013, 02:45 PM
haha yea i watch the show. its hilarious. i like how they always throw out "common knowledge" ie "its proven that bigfoots eat deer". Kinda hard to prove the diet of something when that something has never been found. lol.

all in all, funny show.