View Full Version : X-bolt?

06-10-2013, 07:24 PM
I was looking at the Browning X-bolt hunter w/wood stock. Was wondering what you guys thought of it?

06-10-2013, 07:28 PM
Fantastic gun!!! My second favorite rifle i ever shot. My wetherby being number 1. Would not hesitate an x-bolt of any caliber

06-10-2013, 08:47 PM
How would you compare it to a m77?

06-10-2013, 09:12 PM
I have an x-bolt in 7mm wsm and absolutely love it.

07-04-2013, 03:40 PM
I have an x-bolt in .270 win mag and love it. I can't get the trigger to adjust below 4.5# though. I might eventually get a custom trigger.

Overall great gun though, I love the short bolt action.