View Full Version : calling black bears

04-08-2011, 07:59 PM
what about using predator calls for black bears? Anybody tried it what calls do you use?

6mm Remington
04-09-2011, 08:54 AM
I use a dying rabbit call but have not called in a bear........yet! I'm hoping to spot one before I set up and start calling as that would be more effective. I've made blind calls just like you do for coyotes, fox, and other predators, but have not called in a bear yet, but I do know it's possible. MY understanding is when calling for bears you really have to work the call over and keep calling. When you stop calling, they stop coming. It's like they have attention deficit disorder and forget what they were doing. I've had a friend call one in with a calf elk call using it to sound like a rabbit. The bear came right to his pickup!

04-12-2011, 06:32 PM
I always carry a predator call with me when I am hunting in the fall. Two years ago I saw a black bear on a logging road. I hit the call and he came in to 40 yds. Unfortunately he took off when my freind moved in behind me to see what I was doing. I have also tried blind calling with no luck. Still that call stays in my pocket all fall. Good luck!

04-12-2011, 06:57 PM
I carry a predator call with me. I have tried a bear call, almost sounds a deer grunt( I might be doing it wrong). I did not have success with a bear call. During spring, bears usually do not like the predator call. I have never had success with predator calls in the spring but I did call a mountain lion 50 yards away. I heard of people using a cow/calf elk call and called bears in but I haven't really tried using a cow call.