View Full Version : Vortex razor vs talon

03-30-2013, 02:24 PM
I'm in the market for a new set of 10x binos, and was out looking at the vortex as well as the swaros, zeiss and cabelas brand. I refuse to pay the price of the swaros, and was really enamored with the vortex, especially the warrantee.

I've read all of the threads on here regarding all of the vortex binos, but was wondering if someone could clarify what exactly is the difference between the talons and the razors? Other than the $700 price, and the few ounces of weight. The razor felt better put together than the talons, but with a lifetime warranty, is the overall quality of the razors that much more superior?

I looked at the vipers as well, but they're out, didn't fit my skinny face. Both the talon and razor felt great to look through.

I hate to keep beating the dead horse that is vortex threads, but I'm no bino expert, and don't want to regret the purchase, as I don't really want to buy binos ever again.

03-30-2013, 10:33 PM
I think there is a substantial difference in the the two binos the Razor being superior. I have looked through almost every bino from a tripod because I feel in a store that is the best way to get any visual clarity to make a reasonable decision. It is easy to tell the difference between a $200 and $400 bino without the tripod but when comparing similar products the tripod comes in very handy. the Razor is a good piece of glass and yes, you are onto something when comparing the "feel" of the bino, because you can feel the difference between high quality components and cheap ones. The Razor does feel better and is made in Japan, along with the Viper, while the Talon is made in China.

If you don't glass a lot you might be just as happy with the Talon, only you can decide if the price is worth it to you, it's not my money so it is easy to say I'd go with the Razor, but since it's not my money I'll take the Swarovski.

Don't buy the glass with plans on using the warranty because you never know when the cheaper feeling pair will need to be fixed. The warranty will not do you any good during your hunt if there is a problem with the focus knob while you're out on the mountain.