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02-23-2013, 07:03 AM
Looks like I will be receiving one late next week. I have heard they have a tuning fork vibe to them but doesn't really bother me. What peaks my interest is the draw cycle, mass weight and size. I have owned several carbon bows and hear it draws smoother than them and still maintains similar if not a touch faster speeds. Anyways, wanted to hear from others that had them and your thoughts ?

02-23-2013, 09:21 AM
If my bros would arrive I would let you know Shane. I am also interested in the draw cycle. The last few years Hoyt hasn't exactly made me a fan. Maybe this cam will.

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03-01-2013, 01:21 PM
Just hope it doesn't need work done on it by hoyt you will be waiting forever for it

03-02-2013, 06:19 AM
Just hope it doesn't need work done on it by hoyt you will be waiting forever for it

Luckily I do all my own work.

03-02-2013, 06:21 AM
Spyder 30

With new strings settled in here are my findings. I would say it is a noticeable difference on the Spyder 30 with 452x strings. All admit I was a little skeptical on the reports about it being quieter, I would have to agree, it is a touch quieter and has a better feel to it. The part I am still blown away by are the speeds considering it is rated at a 330 IBO. Not sure how they managed to have a draw cycle that good and maintain the speeds it is getting through a wide range of arrow weights. I find myself shacking my head and shooting again and again through the chrono thinking that they will come back down to reality. Well so far this is not the case and here are a few final speed number. I wouldn't say it is more efficient at the heavier arrows it is just well over regardless what I have shot through it.

At 70# 29" draw with a 348gr arrow @ 332 fps
398 gr arrow @ 310 fps
420 gr arrow @ 301 fps
455 gr arrow @ 289-290 fps

This was a bow I had zero intentions of shooting this year until I spent a little more time with it so it has really took me by surprise. The draw cycle is very nice and at 70# gives me a holding weight of 12.5#. It is very smooth and easy to draw for the weight. It peaks about 7-8" into the draw cycle and will carry that weight with a slight decrease of + or - a pound for about 10" give or take. Then it will have a very nice gradual decline to your holding weight of 12.5#. In comparison the DNA is more consistant throughout the draw because it has a far less decline in weight transition on the back end. The Spyder has a larger valley and feels very comfortable at full draw. When shooting both at the same poundage I feel far more tense at full draw with the DNA vs the Spyder 30. I would say both have very good draw cycles but are completely different.

The hold on target is very nice considering your holding weight at 12.5# and the weight of the bow. I am using the B Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme 10" with the 3oz of weight and it is holding very well. I will know more on this when I can shoot some long range groups with it after I get caught up on tuning this next week. After the shot I did notice the vibe that others where referring to but with a stab, sight and changing to the 452x strings has minimized that quite a bit. I would say it is still there if you are looking for it but really hardly noticed once you are concentrating on your target . Overall balance and feel is great and I like the slim downed version of the grip, at least I believed they slimmed it down because it fits very well in my hand and might even get the nod of my favorite grip on the market. Has a very nice feel at full draw with no pressure point spots in it and just sits perfect every time shot after shot.

From a tuning standpoint so far it is proven to be very forgiving to nock height and not reading much of a change when shooting bareshafts through paper. I have been shooting CX BS 350's, GT Velocity 300's, GT 7595's, FMJ 340's and Injexion 330's and even not compensating for nock height I am getting very good bullet holes with bareshafts. This tells me this is going to be very forgiving to vertical nock travel and will test this more down range when I get more time. I am quite sure the optimal position will show it self down range. For lateral nock travel and adjusting the yokes. The pre lean when you lay a shaft on the left side of the top cam and project it down to your nocking point it is crossing the string 1/8". This seems to be the best position at my draw length and it might very slightly for different setups but will give you a good starting point for your tuning process. For centershot I am set up dead down the center of limb bolts with nock height at 1/16 nock high. Well what does this all tell me ? Hoyt made a good move by lowering the grip and widening the limb pockets as well as having longer yoke legs on their cable. All this is creating less torque than their previous roller guard models and IMO is a great move in the right direction on their part. Your pins are far closer to center of your shaft at brace and is a good indication they are reducing some of the lateral torque from previous roller guard models.

Bottom line the Spyder 30 took me by surprise and is definitely my favorite roller guard Hoyt to date. I know some might wonder how I can come to that conclusion since I have not shot it that much yet. All I can say is trust me I shoot enough bows I can come to conclusions fairly quickly just through breakdown and set up of the tuning process.

My only complaint is the Finish does not seem to be that durable. You wont have the flaking or anything like that but I have a feeling it will wear around the grip area sooner than some might like.

Overall Hoyt has a winner in the Spyder 30 IMO.

I would like to give a big Thanks to Tom/Ex-Wolverine on AT for his strings and the attention to detail. He really does build a great set of strings and I would highly recommend him to anyone.


03-02-2013, 06:32 AM
Good write up Shane. Thanks. Why did you go with those strings vs 8190x?

03-02-2013, 02:20 PM
Good write up Shane. Thanks. Why did you go with those strings vs 8190x?

Thanks Bro

I was using 8190 the last couple years but I find more stretch and it takes longer than the 452x to settle in and stay put. I have been getting the same speeds as 8190 +or- 1 or 2 fps. The 452x is just more stable IMO.

03-02-2013, 02:39 PM
good info, thanks for posting

03-03-2013, 06:24 AM
good info, thanks for posting

No problem and you are welcome.

Just adding some more info from my previous review in this thread

I was tuning a few bows yesterday with similar speeds as the Spyder 30 and the draw cycle was really apparent when I got done tuning and picked the S30 up to shoot a few. You can tell it holds peak weight or stacks weight less than other bows in its same speed class. I was pulling through the draw cycle so much easier than the other bows I was currently tuning. It really took a few shots to adjust to realize I wouldn't have to pull through the draw cycle and holding peak weight as long as similar bows in its class.

03-13-2013, 05:40 PM

This bow is really surprising me and will be definitely hunting with it this year. Going to stay with the FMJ 340's that come in at 455 gr @ 290-292 fps. Just giving you the difference from a soft hold into the wall and a more firm hold into the wall. These tuned up great bareshaft, fletched and broadheads all flying true. Now its time to get settled in for some long range shooting hopefully this weekend, weather permitting.