View Full Version : Wyoming Units 43 & 46 HMAs

02-18-2013, 10:29 AM
I am researching 2nd choice units for the upcoming Wyoming antelope draw. I am looking at units 43 and 46, but understand most of these units is private land or patchwork layout.

Both units have 2 HMAs present. A person can get late season unlimited access to 'one or the other' for each unit.

Does anybody have any experience in the following HMAs that can share some detailed information with regards to population? Trophy Quality? HMA hunting pressure? Road Access? Terrain style.

Diamond Lake HMA, Laramie River HMA, Medicine Bow River HMA or Simpson Ridge HMA?

02-18-2013, 11:21 AM
I believe you will need to do the special draw for both of those to have a chance at a 2nd choice tag. I haven't spent much time in 46, but I have in 43. Populations in 43 are generally average to low. Bigger bucks are rare to nonexistant. Hunting pressure is high during the unlimited season. By the end, goats are tough to find and stalk. Road access is relatively limited. One of the blocks only allows travel on designated roads. The terrain is open prairie to sage draws and river bottom. I'm not sure why this area has been so popular with nonresidents. If you look at resident odds you will see that most residents hunt elsewhere. If you're just looking for a buck and are willing to spend the special price for the experience, then with a little persitence you should be able to kill a buck.