View Full Version : Big Valentines Day Shout out to the ones who live with us!

02-09-2013, 12:26 PM
I wanted to give a shout out to my amazing wife. Sitting at home suffering with a bad case of cabin fever right now. Just got my new Badlands 4500 last week, and keep loading it up and walking around my house (kind of sad), new GPS arriving Tuesday, new bow sight on order. I was going to sell my Eberlestock gunslinger to help recoup some of the cost, when my wife said "Why sell it? Do I sell any of my purse's when I get a new one?" I have been truly blessed. I know many people on here hunt with their significant others and I think that is great. But there is the other side like myself. My wife does not hunt, her family didn't hunt and she was never around it. We have been together for 15 years now and she still does not hunt. She goes out with me, she loves to eat it, it doesn't bother her to have game hanging in the garage. She just doesn't want to witness the kill. When we got married she said that she did not want any heads hanging in the house. Now 12 years after our wedding we have 3 mounts on the wall, she calls it "Contemporary Redneck". She is the bread winner in our household making almost double what I bring in and she spoils me every chance she gets. Just last year I had a deer hanging in the garage and I needed to go and process it. I told my wife "you should go cut that up, I shot it, I gutted it out, I skinned it, I even hung it up for you." Her response was " I FINANCED IT". I Love you Mandy!