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02-06-2013, 05:53 PM
I was digging around on the on interweb and found these, they put them in MREs and sell them individually. I requested a sample and they're sending me a BBQ Beef and Apple Turnover.

Some look good (BBQ Beef and Chicken), some, not so much (Pepperoni Stick and Bacon and Cheese).

I'm going to let the sit in the fridge overnight and try half of them cold (like I'd expect to be eating them in the woods most of the time) and then try the other half warmed up in the microwave.

I'll let you know what I think, but they're issuing the in MREs now and the military has gone to great lengths in the last decade to make the MREs more fu-fu, so I expect they shouldn't be half bad.

They're $4 each, but I found a place selling them for $2.50, either way, the price isn't too bad and about the same cost per calorie as Mountain House but have a higher calorie to weight ratio when you figure in the water needed for the Mountain House.

If anybody's interested and wants a sample, go to their website (www.bridgford.com), click on "Ready to eat sandwiches", go to FAQ and you'll see "Can I get a Sample".

Give them your address and tell them what you'd like to try (I asked for four, they sent two) and I got a reply back the same day and they didn't ask if I was with a business or anything.

02-06-2013, 08:57 PM
Really curious to read your report on them. From the looks, I'll just stick with MH, but I've got a few buddies that hate the MH, so this may be an option for them.

03-23-2013, 07:48 PM
I got my samples in a couple of days ago and tried them today.

They sent me a BBQ Beef and an Apple Turnover. I'll warn you now, if you are not a fan of MREs, then I can pretty much guarantee that you won't like these, they taste like any other MRE food.

I would put these in the category of supplemental food, something you can keep in a pocket and eat during a break.

Both are about the same length/width and about twice as thick as a Pop Tart, so not very big. The BBQ Beef is 290 calories and the turnover is 280 calories.

I took both and stuck them in the fridge for 2.5 days, then stuck them in the freezer for 2 hours to get the temperature down. When I took them out, my cooking thermometer hit the low limit, which is 32 degrees, so the sandwiches were below that internally.

I cut them both in half and ate one half cold and one half heated.

Neither had any ice or frozen bits (the water content is reduced as much as possible as part of making them shelf-stable) and the bbq beef didn't have any clumps of fat, like you normally get with meat like this.

The bread felt dense, like a bagel, and the stuffing was actually soft.

The bbq beef tastes pretty good, it's generic bbq sauce, not Sweet Baby Ray's and definitely not what I would call spicy, but good flavor and the meat is soft and easy to chew, not tough and stringy.

The the texture of the turnover was pretty much the same, it actually has chunks of apple in a sauce and it was good, with cinnamon and not too sweet.

When heated, the bread on both got soft and fluffy and the taste on both was pretty much the same as when cold. Only the texture really changed when they were heated. The turnover smells really good when it's warmed up.

The bread on both is really quite good, I hate the wheat snack bread that they provide with the MREs (it comes with the hamburger and a few other ones) and the bread on the sandwiches was nothing like what I had before. This company also makes that snack bread, so I don't know if the snack bread in the MREs has changed or maybe they improved it since I last had it.

Overall, I will definitely bring these along:

1) They are edible cold and with no preparation (big points with me);

2) They taste good (as good or better than other MRE food);

3) They have a 3 year shelf life when stored properly, so if I don't use some one year, I can save them for next year as well as for emergency use at home;

4) They're about $2 - $3 a piece, so not that pricey.