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03-31-2011, 09:25 AM
HO247 passed the house and is headed for the senate.

Special Big Game Auction Tags Governor's Auction Tags. The
13 commission is hereby authorized to issue special big game auction tags
14 hereafter named and referred to as "Governor's auction tags" for hunting
15 designated species beginning September 1 and ending November 30 of the same
16 calendar year in any established hunt area for the designated species. To
17 enhance and sustain the value of Idaho's wildlife, up to three (3) auction
18 tags per species per year will be issued for deer, elk and pronghorn ante19
lope, and one (1) auction tag per species per year will be issued for mountain
20 goat, bighorn sheep and moose. Each tag will be signed by the governor of
21 Idaho prior to auction to the public and be available to either residents
22 or nonresidents of Idaho. Governor's auction tags issued for deer, elk,
23 pronghorn antelope and moose pursuant to this subsection shall be taken
24 from the nonresident controlled hunt programs for these species adopted by
25 the fish and game commission. Governor's auction tags issued for mountain
26 goat and bighorn sheep shall be taken from the nonresident mountain goat
27 and bighorn sheep quota. Governor's auction tags shall be auctioned off by
28 incorporated nonprofit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation
29 and selected by the director. No more than five percent (5%) of all proceeds
30 from each auction tag sale may be retained by the nonprofit organization for
31 administrative costs involved, including in the event a tag is redonated and
32 reauctioned. Each tag shall be issued by the department of fish and game and
33 awarded to the highest eligible bidder. Each Governor's auction tag shall
34 be good for the harvest of one (1) big game animal pursuant to commission
35 rule consistent with the provisions of this subsection. The proceeds from
36 each tag shall be sent to the director to be allocated thirty percent (30%)
37 for sportsmen access programs such as access yes, and seventy percent (70%)
38 for wildlife habitat projects, wildlife management projects to increase the
39 quantity and quality of big game herds, and research and planning activities
40 approved by the commission to assist the department and land management
41 agencies in facilitating habitat solutions.