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12-21-2012, 10:09 AM
Please join the NRA, if you are not a member. They are one of the best run organizations out there! I'm a lifetime member & proud to be. They represent us well & fight for our rights. January is going to be a war on our gun rights & the NRA needs our support, so please join & recruit new members. You can sign up for a lifetime membership & pay it out for $25 every quarter. I believe it is $750 now for a lifetime. They are going hold a press conference today. They have remained silent in respect for the victims & families of the CT shooting. Just another example of the class this organization demonstrates. We need to arm & educate America not disarm! I proud that here in my state of Oklahoma we have a pro-gun Governor. She passed open carry this year. They are currently proposing send our teachers to be law enforcement certified. They would then be reserve officers armed in our schools & trained protect our children. I think it is an excellant idea. A few years back we passed our right to hunt, fish & trap for life in OK. Just as Wyoming did this year. So hopefully we can get this passed & other states will follow.

Thanks and endorse the NRA!

Bryan Eberle

12-21-2012, 12:45 PM
Absolutely! And you can even do it for free........


Colorado Cowboy
12-21-2012, 04:12 PM
Been a Life member for over 50 years (Endowment since 2000). Bought my son a Life membership on his 18th birthday 30 years ago. For years I have donated regularly to the Eddie Eagle program. Good place to drop some dollars that will be used to educate our young folks about firearms.

12-21-2012, 04:46 PM
I brought up the necesity to support the NRA in another thread "CT Shooting" with no responce. Thank you Bryan for bringing it up again. The NRA needs our support now more than ever.

12-21-2012, 04:57 PM
I'm an Endowment member and made my son a life member when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House.

The NRA has always been there for us, we need to be there for them now!

Muleys 24/7
12-21-2012, 07:22 PM
Every gun owner that wants to continue to have the second amendment right should be a part of the NRA. I'm not a life member yet but I have renewed my membership every year for the last 10 years. I didn't know that there was a easy pay life membership, I'll be going that route shortly.

12-23-2012, 04:29 PM
Me,my bro and my dad all life members and since everything that is going on made my girlfriend and her two bros sign up since they like guns and shoot a lot with me so why not sign up hope NRA takes care of this long uphill battle