View Full Version : CO 2nd and 3rd deer rifle season questions

03-28-2011, 05:32 PM
My wife and I currently have two Colorado deer preference points from previous years. We're hoping to make our first mulie hunting trip to CO this fall, and given that this is my wife's first trip west to hunt anything, I'm looking for moderate terrain with reasonable chance of success (I realize that's all very subjective, so please bear with me).

I've been studying the MRS as well as the CO regs. Based upon the number of points we have, it looks like we might have a shot at drawing 2nd rifle season deer tags in either unit 44 or 53.

Does anyone have experience in either unit? How gnarly is the terrain? The MRS lists both as having at least some moderate terrain and good acccess. I believe 53 has had more tags and higher success rates in previous years, so I'm leaning towards it.

Another alternative: Units 75/751 in the third season as another alternative; it appears to have better draw odds still, plus may fall within the rut (hunt is Nov 5-13), but access is listed in the MRS as Fair-Good so I'm not sure how much trouble we'll have finding huntable public terrain?

I'm also curious to hear about elk in those units at that time of year.

03-28-2011, 08:26 PM
Actually, we're going to be in the Durango area this summer anyway, so we could fairly easily scout around 75/751. That option for the third season is sounding better and better the more I research it.

Any feedback or experiences in 75/751 would be greatly appreciated.