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Nebraska Outlander
10-07-2012, 06:39 PM
Okay so I ordered the Public Land Mulies "Bottom Line" book and have been reading it everyday at work and picking up a lot of good info, however I have realized that it is for the farther west states and I am hunting Nebraska up in the north central part of the state, sandhills. I plan on doing a lot glassing and trying to locate a trophy but I've been up there and some of the stuff mentioned in the book doesn't apply to the places I will be hunting. Would anyone have any suggestions on how to look at a topo map, an satellite map to locate a good place to start. Should I start near a water source? I've asked a lot of people what size of bucks should I expect up there but I feel they are not a good source to ask.

I've talked to the local game and parks person and he has given me some places to start yet I am still searching for some more input. Right now I am 300 miles from there and don't see where I can go up and do any more scouting until I can hunt. I am going up the first part of December to hunt late muzzleloader season.

Thanks for all the suggestions and if you have any questions that might help in any suggestions please ask. Thanks again.

Nebraska Outlander

10-07-2012, 08:08 PM
I hunt farther west, the Pine Ridge. I have seen some really good mule deer and whitetail come from the Sand Hills. Since you are muzzleloader hunting I would try to find the food source and ambush the deer on their way to the bedding area. If I hunted water it would be because of the cover around the water.
Glassing the valleys, finding deer, then stalking to within range would work well too. If you can find anything green, like wheat or alfalfa almost assuredly you will find deer. Deer can hide in plain site in the sandhills. I have been in the sandhills several times but have never hunted there, always wanted to. Good luck and I am sure someone with more experience than me can help you more.