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Squirrel tail
09-22-2012, 01:09 AM
Hi new here

i have recently been trying to call in a bear with a few predator calls.
it has not been going so well but im not going to give up. i have heard that you should call for a hour or two strait and i know i want somthing on my back dont want a lion up on my back haha any tips, tactics or calls that have worked are appreated

Squirrel tail

Old Hunter
09-22-2012, 09:28 AM
The best thing you can have at your back is another hunter. When bears come to calls they come in fast.

09-23-2012, 11:33 PM
I would think that cold calling bears is, like lions, a very low percentage affair. If you are in a feeding area with fresh sign, or have spotted a bear from a distance then it would be worth calling. Otherwise it is a roll of the dice. Furthermore, from what I have witnessed of bear behavior in the fall, they don't move far from a good food source without a reason. They often return to the exact same spot even after being scared away. I would think you could keep your stands fairly short, because if a bear can hear it and chooses to respond it wont take long.

To call for an hour or two is a technique used to snare passers-by, or to crack the patience of a cat. I don't think I would sit on a bear stand that long.

Just to clarify that these are strictly opinion, let me state my position. I have killed three bears. None were called in. This year we tried to call in a bear that was feeding on a hillside above us. When I blew a soft whimper it came running right for us. Then it disappeared in a thicket never to be seen again. I still do not know if it caught our scent in a swirl or if it perceived the sound was coming from somewhere else and was just trying to get out of there.

Hopefully someone with some successful bear calling experience will chime in and teach us both....

10-04-2012, 05:42 PM
Best way to call in bear is old bakery donuts and some restaurant fryer grease!! mmmmmm
That is if your lucky enough to get it on the bait sight before one takes the bait out of the back of your truck over night.... :(

10-07-2012, 05:47 PM
Ive called in two. My friend called in one. My method is to call loudly for at least an hour without stopping. Im not claiming to be an expert but Ive had success this way. The first bear I called was interesting as I could watch his behavior the whole time. As long as I called he came. As soon as I stopped calling he stopped coming and actually turned to leave. I'd start up again and he starting coming. Ive never had one charge in but have seen videos of them coming hard. The first bear came in at 40 minutes. The second at 30ish. My friends was over an hour.

I call in areas where I can see all around that are bordered by thick cool trees/brush where there will stay during the heat of the day. My thought is to pull them out to take a look.

This year I was unsuccessfull calling and my thought is that the Choke Cherry crop was so huge they just didnt care. I knew there were bears in the area but they just didnt care. I did end up getting one but not by calling. My point being that if there is a huge food crop available calling may not be very productive.

I use doe in distress, jackrabbit, and snowshoe calls. My friend used rabbit of some sort. I used hand calls for the first and a Foxpro for #2. My friend used a foxpro.

Just throwin some info out there for you. Hope it helps. I think the biggest point is to stay on stand for a long time.