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09-19-2012, 03:57 PM
I'm looking for more info on a hunt in late december or early january for these desert mule deer! Like where to buy tags, and hunting tactics. I have heard if you hunt in the 40's to stay in the flats and in the 30's they tend to hang in the foothills. I have also heard the Kaibab is OTC for the late hunt like this, and was wondering if this was true. Can anyone verify this info and/or help me out??

09-19-2012, 08:57 PM
All four units North of the Grand Canyon (12A, 12B, 13A, 13B) are draw only. No OTC there and they offer NO late season archery hunts. This includes the Kaibab (12A & 12B).

The desert units (and some higher elevations) can be bowhunted in December & January (some are not open for both so check the regulations). Unit 10 is on the South rim of the Grand Canyon (Kaibab South Natl Forest) and offers a late season archery hunt. But when people refer to the "Kaibab" they are generally talking about the Kaibab North. You can buy your license and tags from G&F or any sporting goods store (Walmart, etc.).

Most of the low desert mule deer will inhabit the lower flats and not the desert mountains/hills. The higher you go the less mule deer you will encounter and are more likely to see Coues Whitetail.