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03-18-2011, 07:28 AM
Could use some advice. I currently have 6 pts built and was initially looking at hunting Unit 61. Seems like every year 61 has continued to increase. Now I am looking at possibly another unit. Units I am considering are 76, 66, 40, and 851. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge on which unit might be my best bet for cashing in the points or is it best for me to just continue building for Unit 61? I am a bivouac style hunter and am not afraid to get off the beaten path in as deep as necessary. Could really use some counseling(lol) as I also have the same problem with deer pts. I have 5 and was considering applying for Unit 61 for that to this year. If someone had rather email a response my email is matthoek21@aol.com. Thanks

03-18-2011, 11:31 AM
unit 61 will be hard to draw with 6 points...most of the elk go into the privet during the rifle hunts....i dont think you will ever catch up for the muzz season...my budy killed a big bull in there a few years ago...i have 8 points and am looking into 76 for next year...it takes a few less points and they are taking some great bulls in there...there are some big deer in 61...but like the elk it takes lots of points to draw the really good season unless you want to hunt early...i dont know much about the other units...i do know that they are some big bull units but thats about all i know...76 would be a good backpack hunt..hope this can help you before the 5!!!

03-18-2011, 05:29 PM
Cohunter thanks for the info. I guess I should of added that I am building points for archery. Yeah when I first looked into 61 it took seven points now it takes 15. Was setting it up to hunt mule deer and scout so I would have an idea where to hunt elk when I had built the seven points but now everyone is wanting to hunt 61 and it is taking more and more points. Am really wanting a quality hunt with some decent opportunity. Maybe I will still put in for 61 for deer and try 76 next year for elk.

03-18-2011, 07:25 PM
I have 14 points and plan to try for 76 muzzleloader, but won't draw. Because more and more point holders realize they will never draw 2, 201, 10 so they give up and dump into 61, which is overflowing with applicants, so they consequently overflow into 76. No other mid-tier units exist. Most of CO is OTC.

By the time I give up on 76 mzl the applicants will likely overflow into 76 archery and I consequently won't draw that. That is the trend.

With 6 I would not bother to build up any more. I'd burn them in a 4 or 5 point unit, learn it, and hunt it again next time.