View Full Version : Favorite site to shop at?

08-07-2012, 10:28 AM
Whats everyones favorite site to shop for hunting gear.?

08-07-2012, 10:43 AM
Kuiu.com lol

It seems that is the only place that you can buy more than a few hunting items, every other place is more of a specialized source for me.

I guess I spend a lot of time on rei.com too now that I think about it.

08-07-2012, 11:34 AM
I like,




REI is another good one.


08-07-2012, 07:59 PM
I get a lot of stuff on Craigslist, actually Ad Hunter which searches CL nationwide, which saves me a ton of $$. It's like buying a vehicle. I just don't understand why people buy brand new trucks when they can save 30% or more buying one with low miles that is a couple years old.

For bows, ArcheryTalk classifieds and Elite Archery classifieds, again buy last year's model for half price
Optics - SWFA and NY Camera Land for display items
Misc hunting stuff - Cabelas and Bass Pro, the latter only because its local and of course, Amazon

08-08-2012, 07:26 AM
Camofire is one of my favorites. For everything else(bows, arrows, optics) I go to my friends that are reps or pro shooters from companies that can get me a deal on gear. Some stuff I am in a hurry for, I run down to Sportsmans Warehouse.

08-08-2012, 07:45 AM
I order from a site called Promotive. They offer memberships to Soldiers, Police, Firefighters, and many other proffesions. It might be worth checking out to see if you fall into any of their categories. They have really good deals on Big Agnes, Leupold, firstlite, ect.

08-08-2012, 08:50 AM
Camofire! Ebay, Cabelas bargin cave

08-08-2012, 12:56 PM
steepandcheap is another one

08-14-2012, 03:29 PM
camofire can be cool, but you have to watch what they put as retail price. generaly its nowhere near actual retail. they had sog knives on the otherday that were the same line wallmart carries. they do have some good deals but heads up. craigs list and ksl.com are allways good ones

Muleys 24/7
08-14-2012, 05:52 PM
I'm suprised no one has said linton outdoors. I got a really good deal on a eberlstock J107 dragonfly combo, other than that X2 on promotive for those that qualify. I kinda depends what I'm looking for.

08-14-2012, 05:58 PM
Sportsmanswarehouse.com they have a great selection of women's under armour hunting stuff.

Cabelas of course...

Camofire is another...

08-14-2012, 08:59 PM
I usually find the best prices on items from amazon. www.froogle.com is another good site that searches the web for good deals on items. For both, its best that you know exactly what you want.

08-15-2012, 03:39 PM
jenbickel did you really just say sportsmans?;)

08-15-2012, 03:42 PM
jenbickel did you really just say sportsmans?;)

Lol yes!! Is that bad?!!

08-15-2012, 03:44 PM
its a beautifull thing

08-15-2012, 03:55 PM
Lol good!! :)

08-15-2012, 06:26 PM
Sierra trading post gets good deals on just about anything. Linton is another favorite

08-15-2012, 06:32 PM
www.backcountry.com usually has some good stuff in the clearance category. I have purchased some good merino wool base layers from this site. they also will match any price on anything online.

08-15-2012, 07:52 PM
Another good one is moosejaw.com their site is hilarious if you read all of
It. They have great prices and also price match.