View Full Version : Badlands Stealth.

07-29-2012, 08:41 PM
Anyone handle the Badlands Stealth pack yet? I'm looking for a LIGHT day pack for the essentials hunting a couple, three or four miles from camp. Not backpacking in,just for the day. Thanks a bunch.

07-30-2012, 05:18 PM
Looks pretty neat, I added one to my Cabelas wish list yesterday but i haven't actually got my hands on one yet. I always hear horror stories about Badland's zippers, and have seen several failed one's on a buddies packs. His packs get used more in a year than most people's do in a lifetime though, he was an outfitter/guide and now that he is retired he hunts sheds, scouts, and hunts for himself almost as many days as he used to guide. Anyway, I'd like to get ahold of one I've been looking for the perfect pack of this size for a while. My current ultralight pack is a Camelback Stryker that has a really nice lay-out. It's an older one with a different design than the last couple year's model. It holds 1250ci and is nice when I am not packing optics or lots of clothing and don't want a scabbard. This one is the same weight and would have room for optics so I may pick one up and sell the Sitka Ascent 14 and Eberlestock Gunrunner that I didn't end up liking.