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07-22-2012, 08:21 PM
Anyone have any experience with this scope... Minox ZA3 3x9x40 ballistic reticle scope, with finger turrets and reticle lock...????? How is the clarity in low light? Any pros or cons from personal experince would be appreciated. Is it worth $300 bucks??? It retails for more than that, but I have NO experience with Minox scopes.


07-28-2012, 05:41 AM
I don't have the ZA3 3-9x40 but I have the ZA5 4-20x50 and it's a pretty nice scope. Mine has target knobs with 1/8min. clicks and side parallax adjustment. The glass is superb as is the low light performance, tracking is perfect so far and the reticle, at 20x matches perfectly with my .25/06 115 grain load. I zeroed at 300 yards and the points are on at 350, 400 and the top of the bottom post at 500. I don't know if it is still going on but there was a $50.00 rebate on the scopes.

I realize it's something of an apples to oranges comparison but based on my experience I would say it's worth taking a chance on. They do have a no fault lifetime warranty. I think they will become pretty popular once the word gets out, they are designed in Germany, use German glass from Schott optical and are assembled in the U.S. no mention of where the rest of the parts are from.

Hope this helps,

07-28-2012, 02:29 PM
Thanks Bob. I took a look at the ZA3, it isn't as bright as the ZA5 for sure, but it's ok. In that price range I think I prefer the Nikon or Leupold, so I decided to pass. I really don't need another scope, but a friend wanted to sell his and so I thought I would ask. Thanks for your help.