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07-01-2012, 10:25 PM
My dad and I drew Unit 68 and plan to head out the last week in Sept or first week in Oct. Anyone have experience in this unit and where to start?

I'm coming from MO so will be scouting/hunting at the same time. First time hunting in WY so we are not looking for a mega buck, just would like to see a lot of game and harvest a respectable buck. Any info will be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you! JH

07-01-2012, 10:47 PM
FiancÚ drew this tag as well if you look in this forum at the thread scouting time, that is a unit 68 buck walking around right now. I'll be scouting the area more in the next few weeks so I'll keep you in mind and let you know what I find

Umpqua Hunter
07-02-2012, 12:14 PM
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07-02-2012, 01:19 PM
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