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06-20-2012, 01:37 AM
D.i.y. Colorado bull elk 2010 public land and dads co. Bulls
I shot at this bull in 2004. I missed and he just looked at me and was like is that all you got. I reloaded and he still was there. During the reload of my 54 cal. Thompson Center inline. I realized I forgot my 209 caps! I was hitting myself and then he was just there and walked away! When he turned 180 and put his chin up his 6th points would hit his rump! My heart sank! It took 4 hours of calling to bring him in, he had a high bugle, and he came in like Mike Tyson! I was in between two bulls and sitting in wait/ sweet/. This bull haunted me and in 2008 he didn't appear! The full moon kicked our *** but I got a small but even 5x5! I also shot and missed the nice 6x6,2004(the one mentioned above). A nice 5x5 2004, an even 6x6 2008 and then I finally got this 5x5! I reajusted my shot to the upper front of the body that way if I miss a dead on shot I would still connect. This 5x5 was far 80 yrds and I also learned to absorb both recoils (CAP/LOAD)to line up the shot! I use 540 grain http://www.muzzleloading-bullets.com/ these are the only grain bullets above 500 grain thomphson center stopped making the 530 grain bullets! This was in Colorado non guided, public land, and not in a wilderness area but a 1.5 mile hike into the forrest from a road one thousand feet down into a canyon. My father has been hunting there since 1979 and has taken several bulls with a nice 5x5 and a nice 6x6 to his credit. This bull has 55 main beams huge mass 16 inch fronts and a 12 in 6th point! This is my bull and in 2010 I knew he would show up it took 5 hours to call him in this time it was me on the end of the call! The whole herd came in a lead cow, cows, and a calf, and a spike 15 elk total in was a stampeade! The cows told him to hang up and he was hung up in the smallest brush. He again had the high bugle of a rag horn and came in after a long time like Mike Tyson pissed off but this time wiser because of his cows! He had much more mass and a long dark cape! He only presented a front shot so I figured this is it take him! KaBoom I took the shot shot with my 54cal, it was a deadly front shot he dropped and did not take a step! He rolled over his huge rack and his whole body flipped over legs and all! He went upside down to the creek bed and crashed! I can't believe he didn't break off any points! Now the work begins! This elk looked like a horse with a round rump! It took my dad and I 2.5 days to pack him and our camp out! Eight heavy loads 1.5 miles up 1000 ft. We had 3 big coolers with 28 gals. of milk jugs of ice. We brought from Illinois! We dropped the head to Shane Tucker STAND ALONE TAXIDERMY HE KICKED *** ON MY MOUNT AND SHANE CAN BE SEEN ON FACEBOOK AND BACKWOODS LIFE IN THE CREDITS SECTION SEE THE VERY END UNDER TAXIDERMISTS. I HAD HIM PEDISTAL MOUNTED AND MY WIFE EVEN LET ME GIVE HIM HIS OWN BEDROOM! DAD ADDED AN ADDITION OF HIS MOUNTS! MY ELK (WHO I NAMED REDEMPTION SINCE I BAGGED HIM SIX YEARS LATER) IS BEING STORED IN THE TROPHY ROOM BUT WILL GET HIS OWN ROOM WE FINALLY FINNISHED CONSTRUCTION! TRUELY THE BEST HUNT I WILL EVER GO ON BUT WITH ELK HUNTING MAYBE I COULD BE WRONG I AM HOPING FOR A DOUBLE BETWEEN MY DAD AND I! P.S. I USED AN ALIBI SERVICE WITH A DOCTOR'S NOTE WITH A WORKING NUMBER! 450.00 WELL WORTH IT SEE ALIBI SERVICE UNDER SEARCH ENGINES! GOOD LUCK BOYS THE THESE ELK DIE OF OLD AGE! BACK IN 2004 WE HEARD A HUGE BULL AND HE IS STILL THERE MY DAD HEARD HIM LAST SEASON DURING HIS BOW HUNT!
Me with redemption 6x6 2010 and my 5x5 2008, Dads trophy room dads nice 5x5 upper left and nice 6x6 upper right. Redemption centered -he looked more intimidating in real life but the mount is great! Thanks to Shane Tucker Stand Alone Taxidermy Fort Morgan Colorado! Thanks to my Father for teaching me to elk hunt and showing me the land. Love always your son Christopher. All of these bulls are diy colorado public land. WE DREW FOR COLORADO PUBLIC LAND 2012 IS THIS OUR DOUBLE YEAR?? "I BELIEVED I WOULD GET REDEMPTION AND IT HAPPENED" "LIVING LIFE WITH A DREAM IS MORE THAN ENOUGH" ALL OF MY DREAMS SO FAR HAVE COME TRUE A LITTLE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS NEVER HURT THE PROCESS-MY TEACHER/MENTOR PLAYED WITH BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS! I ALSO RECOMMEND EASTMANS HUNTING THE WEST THE EASTMAN WAY--THE BLUE HARDCOVER BOOK IT HELPS! GOOD LUCK TO

Old Hunter
06-20-2012, 05:42 AM
Sounds like a little more range time is needed. Completely miss two bulls?

06-20-2012, 09:04 AM
Great job and story, sounds like you have a great area to hunt..

Musket Man
06-20-2012, 09:18 AM
Sounds like a little more range time is needed. Completely miss two bulls?

It's called 'bull fever':) I have missed plenty of easy shots because of if!

06-20-2012, 01:31 PM
It was my first hunt and I wasn't suRe if we would draw so I didn't even begin buying gear till the second week in june.
I also was told I was fine but I knew more range time was in order. I actually missed three bulls before my 5x5. The hardest shot and I adjusted my shot to the center of the body instead of the exact heart shot. You can go front or bottom too easy with an exact heart shot so I opted for upper middle. I'm two for two with the adjusted placement.

Old Hunter
06-20-2012, 01:52 PM
Yes, a double lung shot is always better than going for the heart. I didn't mean to rag on you, but I really hate to see a wounded animal. Better that you missed completely than wound it. ;)

06-20-2012, 02:18 PM
Great pics and nice Elk. Good job

06-20-2012, 08:27 PM
no problem we checked very carefully for and blood none- and combed the area for a good hour on the two of them the first I call redemption just walked away. One 6x6 in 2008 feel backward up on two legs like a grizzley bear. he fell with his back on an aspen then wennt down the creek bed. I was pumped I got him then he started to go up the ridge on an angle? he kept goin and going my heart sank another miss we looked and looked nada no blood at all and he even shit his self right at the spot of the shot 54 cal 95 grain triple 777 kaboom! center a little front no problem
I'm two for two 2012? My dad and I maybe could get the double I'm hoping for. He's 67 and still packing meat out.

06-20-2012, 09:28 PM
Nice bull ELKS! :D