View Full Version : MT Deer/Elk Draw results out! What did you get?

04-19-2012, 09:52 AM
Montana special permit draw results posted on the MT FWP website last night. I drew a bull elk rifle tag for the Snowies. What did everyone else draw?

04-19-2012, 10:25 AM
Deer:292 Elk:313 Can't wait!

04-19-2012, 05:58 PM
JJenness, I drew a 411 archery bull tag.

04-20-2012, 01:12 AM
Ill be running around 411 next Sept as well.

04-20-2012, 10:03 AM
I saw that I didn't put the unit number that I drew, but it's the 411 rifle tag. It kind of sucks though as 411 is becoming harder and harder to access, especially with the Wilkes brothers, new owners of the N-Bar and Pronghorn ranchs buying up so many peices of property. At least with an archery tag a person has the options of hunting a lot of different units and should be able to find some animals. Good luck guys.

04-20-2012, 03:40 PM
The Wilkes brothers buzzed me with a helicopter last year while I was scouting some public land over by there ranches. They have way to much money. I love that country over there.

04-20-2012, 07:34 PM
410 archery elk and 530 deer. Excited to get out/scout and see all the MT has to offer.

04-20-2012, 10:30 PM
We'll be hunting the breaks for 2 bull elk!

04-20-2012, 11:56 PM
ok Lucky hunters have some fun for me points only again 10 + years and running.

05-04-2012, 10:31 AM
Anybody else draw any special permits?