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02-21-2011, 03:39 PM
I have enough points to draw this tag for archery and have already done some research on it but I seem to be getting mixed feedback from people about the opportunities in this unit. Does anyone have anything to add about this unit? I'd appreciate both good and bad feedback. Thanks.

Chris Roe
02-22-2011, 01:36 PM
It CAN be a good area, but it is VERY hit or miss. Here are a couple of points you might want to consider:
1) The area in general is more "winter range" than prime "summer range"...that's partly why it was purchased many years ago. Don't count on much "weather" to push bulls into the area in Sept. either - the habitat/elevation isn't conducive to that, especially in Sept.;
2) There is a LOT of Oil and Gas development activity in there, so human traffic can be high at times/places. While there are a PILE of roads you can hike, access is OPEN for energy vehicles - you can't drive the roads, but the energy folks will be;
3) The property is surrounded by a GIGANTIC chunks of private property - the Hill Ranch (where some of the Eastman's guys have hunted in the past) and the Tercio Ranch (GREAT habitat) - that are managed for trophy bulls. While that can help with having big bulls in the area, it can also HURT by giving big bulls a refuge AWAY from the public pressure/human activity on the Bosque.

Don't get me wrong, there CAN be decent bulls in there, BUT... if you draw it (and put in your leg work), be happy with hunting under the idea "If I find one, it should be a good one", BUT understand that...you might not find one! PM me if you want any other info...

Chris Roe

Raghorn Chaser
03-10-2011, 08:52 AM
I agree with Chris, the energy traffic in there has driven most of the game out of there. A friend of mine hunted there about 7-8 years ago for elk and said that they were all over and that they would see about 5-6 bears per weekend so he saved his points and drew a sept. bear tag there 2 years ago and not only did he not see a bear but he saw two elk in two weeks. He said that it just isn't what it used to be.