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03-29-2012, 06:36 PM
I have been lucky enough to use a bonus at work (single at the time) to hunt in Africa once and Europe quite a bit.

Here's my favorite DVDs, in no particular order.

Great Rams of Asia by Safari Video (this one is from the 1990s but Outdoor Visions sells it).

Boddington in Argentina, not available on his website you'll have to google it.

Any DVDS by Hunters Video in Denmark they are awesome! Especially their Alaska, Mongolia and Berleberg Castle ones. www.huntersvideo.dk In fact I like them as a production company above anyone else!

Boared to Death and Boared to Death 2

High Wild and Free and Challenging the North West Territories by Gordon Eastman

And any of the Mike Eastman DVDs are good, though mike isn't much of a presenter.

I like Best of the West DVDs as long as it's John Porter or those 2 rodeo clowns on there. Not much of a fan of anyone else on that show.

I like John Burns, but he seems to get bored when he is talking to people.

And I like anything with Dr Wayne Van Zwoll, I think he is probably the best gunwriter of our day.

04-01-2012, 10:03 AM
My personal favorite is "The American Sportsman" with Curt Gowdy. Very hard to find though. Sometimes you can find one in VHS on Ebay. The video has about 10 of the TV shows on it. Classic!

Of the current stuff out there, I like Mike Eastman's video's and I really like Mike as a presenter. To me there is something about the straight forward, "old school" presentation that appeals to me. Nothing against Guy or Ike. I also really like seeing Ike antelope hunt with his wife. Part of the charm of the Eastman family is "family" and legacy and heritage. At least to me.

Not a big fan of the BOW videos POST John Burns (I think he is only in the first two or so). John seems like a good guy, with some good info and always stresses the practice side. I wish he taught a little more in detail on marksmanship (breath control, trigger control etc) I find it interesting and transferable to all shooting situations. I realize others would probably find it boring though. I just like it better when a show isn't 45 minutes worth of kill shots. I prefer the whole experience (preparation to trip home).

I like Craig Boddington as a writer, not so much on his DVD's. But I am not that interested in Africa.

LOVE Wayne Van Zwoll

I know it is a bowhunting series, but Fred Eichler's videos are really good in my opinion. I really like the "family" approach (Michelle and the kids are with him a lot). That is why I mention these DVD's. I wish there was a quality rifle hunting series like this. I like the fact that he stresses the hunt over the trophy, but I wish that he would not go so far as to appear ANTI trophy quality. It comes off that way occasionally to me.

I would love to find Gordon Eastman's videos. Are they available anywhere?

04-03-2012, 10:14 PM
ELK Inc in Montana has all the Gordon Eastman DVDs. Eastman's can key in here if they read this, but I had always understood Don Lambach to be a Eastman relation some how.

I am not a huge fan of Fred Eichler.

I like the Modern Rifle Television but I think they should get rid of that southern hick, and put the old guy with a Westerner. I like ARs, they are great guns.

African DVDs are all very similar. I am with you, I like hunting Africa (but I don't love it any more than I do anywhere else). I don't have to watch 30 different versions of cape buffalo getting killed and then told how they are the most dangerous animal on the planet 10000% times.

I think the most dangerous animals in the world are either fairly young or very old predators that have been booted from their hunting area.

Every really bad attack story I have ever heard has started with a predator that showed up at someones ranch and attacked someone.

04-03-2012, 10:26 PM
Wow, I had know idea that all of those videos by Gordon Eastman were still available! My wife says "THANKS A LOT", you will have to fill in the tone of voice for yourself, but I;ll bet you can guess :)

Take it easy on the "Southern Boys". We are not all that bad once you get to know us. :)

04-05-2012, 04:53 AM
No problem Chad.

If you call Don and tell him you want all the Eastman DVDs he will make you a deal. Well he did for me 10 years ago anyway.

I lived in South and had a whole slew of Texas, Georgia, both Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky guys that I worked with in the military.

Just really tired of the Southern "hook up", and all the "good old boy" BS that goes along with it.

A lot like Australia in a way, you can break the law, you just can't get caught.