View Full Version : Bow hunting the Routt

03-12-2012, 09:23 PM
Im researching GMU's for an archery elk hunt, I have read some good things about the Routt Nat F, anybody ever hunted this area? Thanks for looking!

03-18-2012, 01:37 AM
No first hand experience but did a single night backpacking trip through Zirkel and stayed on the main trails. Had a cow wander within 10 feet of the tent so there's at least one animal in there, possibly two with a good winter. Would have liked to scout more on the north end towards Wyoming border and further from Steamboat and major trailheads. When I researched it last time people were split on whether its the best area or boned out. My take is the later group probably included a lot of people who would have the same amount of success in any OTC/General area. Sarvis and Zirkel wilderness looked like good spots with Sarvis probably getting less non-hunter traffic and being denser forest. The two areas are both way over population objectives and success rates are on par with OTC areas. Pick a spot as far from established trails as possible, hunt hard, watch for beetle kill when setting camp and things should turn out. Also might want to look at the MRS from June/July 2009 and those hunting summaries the DOW puts out for general information.