View Full Version : 7mm RM, 168 grn Berger and 140 grn Barnes x bullets

03-04-2012, 09:22 PM
Had a good day at the range today, I made some reloads for my buddies rifle, a stock Remington, 700, BDL, 7mm RM. I used H-Retumbo, H-1000, RL-22, and RL-19 powders. I only posted the second page. The best groups with the Retumbo was about one inch. RL-22 and RL-19 were the winners, I used Fed 210 non-mag primers with the RL-22.

I have not checked the velocity yet. My buddy wanted me to make him accurate loads with Berger and Barnes bullets. The Bergers will be elk and deer medicine and the Barnes will be used for our copper only areas in Cali. I just happen to have a ton of the old Barnes bullets.

I'm gonna try the same loads in my Remmie Mag!!

If your going to try these loads for yourself, start at least 10 percent below my listed loads and work your way up. Check for pressure signs, most of my loads are close to or exceed max levels listed in reloading books.