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02-26-2012, 08:18 PM
Its early in the year and I got time to play around.

I own three hunting rifles, a 1903-A3 in 30/06 that my father sporterized back in the 50s that I don't shoot much. Actually just last year I put the 30-06 barrel back on it and haven't even worked up a load or selected a bullet for ot yet(I had a .243 barrel on it before).

I also own two 700 BDLs, one in 7RM (which I got as a xmas present at 15 a very long time ago) the other in .300 Win Mag. Both have been blue printed and I have worked up a great shooting load for both. In the 7RM I shoot a 160 gr Accubond with RL-19 powder, it leaves the barrel at 3050 fps. In the .300 I shoot a 180 gr Accubond with RL-22 powder (right at 3000 fps).

I have dropped a few elk with the .300 and the last two at 297 & 350 yards. With the load mentioned in my 7RM I have many a deer and a fantastic shot on an Antelope (200 yards, running, 20 mph cross wind, yeah a lot of luck envolved too).

This year I have drawn a Big Horn elk tag, have an excellent chance at a good Antelope in Wyoming and have enough points to draw my favorite deer unit in California. I could use both rifles, the 7RM for deer & Antelope, the .300 for Elk or I could stick with just one rifle for the season and find a second load for both.

First for the 7RM. I have two boxes of bullets laying around that I am thinking of checking out they fly in my rifle and what the ballistics look like. One is a 175 gr Sierra BTSP, the other bullets are Hornady 162 gr A-Max (don't know about the A-max for hunting, but they might make a nice round for the Antelope hunt). Don't know if the A-max would out perform the Accubonds as far as ballists. But I could use either the Accubond or A-max for Antelope & Deer. The Sierras for Elk.

For the .300 I have a box of 168 gr Berger VLD hunting bullets. I was thinking of checking them out and maybe using them for Antelope and sticking with the Accubonds for Deer & Elk.

The other option of course is to trade off all those extra bullets I have laying around (including the .270 & .243 stuff I don't have anymore) and use either rifle with the great load I have worked up. I think the .300 is quite a bit of rifle for both Deer & Antelope and perfect for Elk. The 7RM is a perfect Deer & Antelope rifle and very adequate for Elk (I do like the heavier bullet with the 30 caliber though). When it all comes down to it its the ability to take only a good, ethical shot and hit your target in the right place, but its the off-season and I got time to let all this scramble artound in my head.

I'm not even going to start to get into switching my scopes around. Got a 4x12x40 vari-x II on the 7RM, a 4x14.5x40 Nikon with BDC on the .300. I love both scopes, but they may be better suited if I swap them around.

Maybe I just too much time on my hands now that waterfowl season ended.

Whats you guys opinion?

02-26-2012, 09:43 PM
If it works don't fix it. If you want to mess with your set up then I would pick one of them to work on so you are familiar with the other incase you run into a problem with the first one. Both are great guns and good scopes. Have fun

02-29-2012, 10:02 AM
Changing between two bullet weight loads and changing your scope setting during a hunt, is a recipe for disaster. Both the loads you have for both rifles are great for the animals your hunting. Take the other rifle as a back up and spend time shooting in field positions with your loads, instead of time at the reloading bench.

02-29-2012, 12:25 PM
I think I have just too much time on my hands. I have already purchased more of the same as bullets to (Accubonds for both) and will stick with what I know shoots well.

Umpqua Hunter
03-02-2012, 12:11 AM
If it was me I would take either the 7 RM, or 300 (which ever you are most familiar with) and one load. Both are great elk calibers, and I personally don't mind being a bit over gunned on antelope. Just take a shot to the rib section to minimize meat loss.

I personally shoot a 300 WSM (very similar ballistics to your 300 Win Mag). I have taken sheep, deer, elk and antelope with it. I prefer hunting big game with one firearm and knowing it well.