View Full Version : Idaho Unit 28

Slim Pickins
02-24-2012, 09:09 PM
Hey brothers. Getting my first out of state hunting trip planned. I have chosen Idaho because I know I can hunt there
every year. I have read all of the MRS sections, Idaho fish and game website info and Google search stuff. My question
to all you fellas is on my unit choice. I have narrowed it down to Unit 41 for my first choice. My second choice I have narrowed down to the following: Units 28, 36B, 73 or 76. Anyone out there with first hand experience on any of these? Any
info you can share would be greatly appreciated. My hunting partner and I are into backpack style hunting. We are also not opposed to striking out from a regular camp in a non-wilderness area. It looked to me like unit 28 offers a lot of options in this respect.